pattern grid world

what program do you use to make these awesome gifs? I don’t even know how to call them. motion graphics?
Hi, your stuff is really awesome! @_@ I was wondering, how do you go about making it? Very curios.
I feel inspired to make things like this! but I have no idea where to start… do you mind sharing your process? unless it’s too secret then I understand u__u
hi, i get a lot of questions like these, (sorry if I didn’t select yours, I just grabbed a couple here.) i’ll try to explain a bit (it’s not too secret)… 
i am using a lot of adobe software. i use adobe illustrator to make a lot of the basic elements i need in the animations. once a composition or element is complete, i’ll separate all the parts into layers in illustrator. i can then import that file into adobe after effects, so that i can animate each separate part of the image. for the more complicated 3d animations i use cinema4d. 
you can learn these programs using tutorials and kidmograph posted a list of good online tutorials for cinema4d and after effects. check out his post
most animation programs might seem overwhelming at first, but they are all based on fairly basic principles. my suggestion to learning any software is to get a basic overview of how to set up a file and what the icons generally mean and then go in and just press every button and see what happens. you can’t break the software or hurt yourself doing that. that’s how i learned everything i know. 
Hi there :) Wanted to tell you that the art you make is awesome! It really kinda looks like what I see when I close my eyes! In Lak'ech Elia Nebula // Cosmicat

hi thanks, me too. also sometimes what i see when my eyes are open